The goal of the NCATLAS is to provide a single resource gateway, with a simple interface, that displays the wide variety of teaching and learning resources available to faculty and staff of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS).

Over the years, NCCCS has built a number of electronic resource systems and websites in an attempt to provide easy access to, and sharing of, teaching, learning and professional development resources for its instructors and students. As a result, the resources are spread over a collection of websites, each with its own user interface and varying capabilities. Often it is unclear which system should be used to locate the desired resource. As an example, NC-Net, NC-Access and NCLOR all provide staff development resources. Similarly, both the main community college website and the Virtual Learning Center provide similar, but different degree/program/course search capabilities. NCATLAS is the first step in consolidating theses resources. By displaying and linking all of the resources and associations, NCCCS faculty and staff can see and quickly access all of the available resources.

The administration firmly believes that student success is the highest priority, and in order to ensure our students are successful, we must provide faculty and staff with the professional development resources necessary to maintain the highest standards of education and training. We hope that the NCATLAS will become your guide to best practices, learning resources, and opportunities to assist you in educating and training North Carolina's workforce.

ATLAS: A Teaching and Learning Asset Source