Virtual Learning Community

The Virtual Learning Community (VLC)  is North Carolina Community College's resource for the many different distance learning courses offered throughout the state.

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NCLOR is a centralized location for the acquisition, collection, sharing, and management of quality learning resources for all teachers in North Carolina. NCLOR collects documents, audio/video clips, simulations, learning modules, assessments, and more – virtually any type of learning resource that can be digitized and processed.

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Community College Libraries in North Carolina

Community College Libraries in North Carolina (CCLINC) is the library services shared catalog with more than a million learning resources, 

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NC-NET is a statewide professional development system committed to sharing best practices, leveraging resources, and avoiding duplication.

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NC LIVE is North Carolina’s statewide online library, serving citizens and member libraries across North Carolina. Designed for at-home use, NC LIVE eBooks, magazines, newspapers, journals, media, and other online materials support education, enhance statewide economic development, and increase quality of life.

NC Live provides online access to:

  • 30,000+ eBooks
  • 24,000+ full text journals, magazines, newspapers (ie Wall Street Journal)
  • click for more
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College Tech Prep

College Tech Prep in North Carolina prepares students for employment and continuous learning through rigorous, challenging, seamless and

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Small Business Center Network (SBCN)

The Small Business Center Network (SBCN) is comprised of 60 business support centers spread across the state with one staffed center at each of the 58 Community Colleges within North Carolina. The objective of the Small Business Center Network is to increase the success rate and the number of viable small businesses in North Carolina by providing high quality, readily accessible assistance to prospective and existing small business owners which will lead to job creation and retention. 

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Combined Course Library

The Combined Course Library is a searchable database of the approved Curriculum and Continuing Education courses offered by the NC Community College System. Once you are on the site, note that there is a separate search link for students and faculty / staff

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NC BioNetwork

As an integral part of the NC Community College System, the NC BioNetwork consists of seven centers that focus on training and support for the NC biotechnology industries across North Carolina. It provides a critical connection between the 58 community colleges and the bioscience industry Statewide through a wide variety of industry-specific bioscience related training programs.

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NC-ACCESS, an expansion project of the North Carolina Network for Excellence in Teaching, is a multi-year initiative dedicated to developing and providing professional development programs to student development personnel at North Carolina’s community colleges.

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